Four Delhi restaurants are among the top 50 in Asia

The top 50 restaurants in Asia, hosted by William Reed Media, has six high-end restaurants in India, four of which are in New Delhi alone. ITC Maurya’s famous Bukhara features at number 27, which is one of the top restaurants in India. Australian-origin chef David Thompson’s Bangkok restaurant “Naham” has been crowned the best Asian restaurant. Of the Indian restaurants, only Manish Mehrotra’s Indian Accent has been able to climb the stairs.

There are six entries from India.

Bukhara, ITC Mauraya, New Delhi

Celebrating the taste of the Northwest Frontier, the hungry tandoori make a special place for themselves by taking food to the next level. Whether it’s world-famous dal bukhara, pre-marinated and spicy meat or lip smacking kebab, this place is definitely a paradise for food lovers. Adopting traditional cooking methods, the meat is cooked in a clay oven while different dishes encourage communal sharing. Bukhara led India by winning the coveted title of The S. Pellegrino Best Restaurant in India.

Indian Accent, New Delhi

In Indian Accent, award-winning chef Manish Mehrotra experimented with his menu, reviving old recipes mixed with contemporary style cooking. Using seasonal and organic ingredients from around the world, it makes a toast for 21st century Indian food. Awarded the best restaurant in India by Timeout, it ranks 29th on the list, 12 places above 2013.

Dum Pukhat, ITC Maurya, New Delhi

Breathtaking, meaning “breathing and cooking”, its cuisine comes from the 18th-century Awadh kitchen. The royal decor and exquisite taste, mixed by the traditional method of slow cooking in earthenware pots, takes one back to an era of courtesy. The meat cooks in its own juices, intensifying the natural taste, while the just use of aromatic herbs and spices adds another layer of sophistication to the food. Dum Pukt is down from No. 17 last year to No. 32 this year.

Work, Taj Hotel, New Delhi

Varq embarks on a unique culinary journey because its gorgeous menu is a tribute to the attractions of the old world. Celebrating the daring taste of foreign seafood perfectly blended with Indian teasers. Executive Chef Hemant Oberoi, who was the personal chef of the President and Prime Minister, effortlessly transforms any food into something less than art. Ranked 32nd among the 50 best restaurants in Asia, Taj is an integral part of hospitality.

In addition to these Delhi-based restaurants, Japanese cuisine “Wasabi”, Mumbai and “Carvali”, serving coastal food in Bangalore, have listed it at 36 and 49, respectively.

By Witness Birmani and Ujala Chowdhury (EXIMS)

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