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Juicy Corton-Charlemagne vineyards in the Burgundy region of France, Chef Laurent Peugeot’s restaurant, Le Charlemagne offers panoramic views of the valley during the day. Overnight, the restaurant is transformed into a dining and light show. Each of the restaurant’s 11 tables – known for its French-Japanese cuisine – is equipped with special bulbs. With each course, the dish is bathed in a different color of the spectrum to add to the visual story. “We always eat with our eyes first. For me, the presentation of food is important, “said one-Michelin star chef. Peugeot was named ‘Young Chef of the Year’ by Gault Millau in 2007 and received his first star the same year.

In the city for a week-long pop-up organized by Singapore-based company 4XFOUR, Peugeot is serving some of its signature meals at JW Marriott in Juhu. Her fusion food menu will include chicken breast with yuzu koshio, a mixture of Japanese lime and pepper, and scallops that are marinated in sachets and soy sauce. A champion of the slow cooking movement, Peugeot will use a heat conductor and sauce-weed the meat to cook its creation to perfection.

After spending five years in Japan, the discipline in cooking that follows Japanese chefs naturally comes to him. “Their attitude towards food is systematic and precise. At the same time, Japanese food is healthier than French food, which is often made using lots of butter, cream and wine, ”he said. For more than a decade, Japanese chefs have operated France’s most prestigious kitchens and the country’s cuisine is a hot property. Chef Shinsuke Nakatani, for example, pays homage to French cuisine at his famous restaurant in Paris. Similarly, Chef Shinichi Sato moved to Japan more than a decade ago and started Passage 53 – a popular restaurant located in the 19th-century Paris Arcade – which won two Michelin stars within two years of opening.


Peugeot’s culinary journey began in his home country and took him to Japan. “I was working with two Michelin star chefs Jack Lamelois 15 years ago and he had a Japanese girl on his team. That’s when I fell in love with her and her cuisine, “Peugeot said.

As part of a series of pop-ups, JW Marriott will host Chef Giovanni D’Amatop from April 15 to 19.

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