Giambattista Valli grew up with Haute couture outings in Paris

Giambattista Valli was a full throttle on Monday night for the Paris Fashion Show with her name label, completing 10 years on the official French haute couture calendar, sending the train jerk around the hills of Tulle and under the bright light, and the sight of gleeful fans.

Models come out of the walls of shiny, party balloons – pink flamingos pressed against rainbow ponies – wearing cat-eye sunglasses and tease-out hair extensions. They lifted their skirts as they crossed the runway and rounded the mirrored columns while a robot camera turned back and forth.

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The silhouettes were substantial and varied, the volumes shifted. The sleeves were blown from the shoulders, and the skirts were wide-brimmed, layered or layered like a layered cake, then suddenly spread out in a burst of yellow, pink or turquoise.

Agreeing to her signature topiary dress, she sent a glittering, silver sequined body suit with a white ostrich feather ring on her legs.

“It’s like the generosity of a hug. It is the embrace of flowers, the embrace of feathers, the embrace of tulle. You have all these bouquets that embrace; It’s such a joy to share happy times together, “Valley told Reuters.

A model presents a creation of designer Giambattista Valley as part of its Haute Couture Fruit / Winter 2022-2023. (Reuters / Johanna Geron)

The collection was about surviving the moment, he explained. “I don’t look too much into the future, or look too much into the past,” he said. “I think it’s a big lesson from the last few years.”

Popular with socialites and known for serving red carpet sets, the label has received financial support from the Pinolt family, which includes the group Artemis. It expanded its consumer base in 2019 through an H&M collaboration.

Valley throws out on the runway for her bow, stopping to greet Bianca Brandolini, who modeled a pink dress with a hooded cape.

After the ceremony, guests, including Robbie Williams and Olivia Palermo, came to the backstage.

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