Glass, half full: Doppio, South Mumbai’s new brasserie, worth a look at its drink menu, even if the rest evokes the feeling of Deja Vu

Doppio, which means a double shot of espresso, promises to be a new hip for the “elite SoBo crowd”. Although its attractive drink menu lives up to this promise and the food is good, the environment is clichd.

What hurts the customer after the walk is Deja Vu’s feeling. The whole look is very chic in Cafe Zoe Art; It even has Cafe Joey’s hanging light bulbs, black wooden chairs and ceiling as well as industrial ducts. Doppio has also adopted an irresistible vintage twist, including leather-bound books and gloves used as antique binoculars, watches and decorations. An empty photo frame on one wall, and a hundred-year-old stamp painted by a local artist on the other wall.


The food menu is much more bold but a little more incongruous. It is best to ask and stick with the servers for the client DPO specialty. Although most of the food is Italian-inspired, there are a few East Asian dishes such as a Chili Soba Stew Fry and Thai Basil Chicken Brown Rice, as well as a Sri Lankan Kothu Paratha dish. But overall, Doppio does a good job of sorting out old favorites with exciting twists. For example, the creamy and flavorful classic mushroom soup comes with stuffed creamy mushrooms and doxel, a mushroom paste, toast. Old tomato and mozzarella salads are re-imagined with oven-kissed tomatoes and burata, a cheese made with mozzarella and cream, in an aubergine caviar. Different flavors complement each other well. With black mission figs and arugula, candied nuts and smoked mandarin dressing, though it was sweet enough to be enjoyed.

Smaller plates include familiar dishes – truffle mac and cheese with sun-dried tomato release, for example, or walnut butter gonochi – but Vietnamese cottage cheese tacos and pickled carrot and papaya salad are more eye-catching. The barbecue pounded chicken sliders with the onion marmalade were good, but the homemade ketchup they served was not good. Among the larger plates, the sun-dried tomato ravioli was a stand-out, along with artichoke and succotash and genoves pesto. Doppio has a limited selection of sweets and what we tried – Doppio afogato with coconut macaron – was disappointingly simple.

Doppio’s drinks are what really make this place worth visiting Doppio Espresso House Martini, the first drink on the menu and recommended by the server, is of course their signature drink. It is a combination of absolute vanilla vodka, house coffee liqueur, espresso and sugar syrup and it blends perfectly. Monks press coffee made with Old Monk rum, lemon juice, pineapple juice, espresso and coffee liqueur is also delicious.

This may be the reason why DPOs crowd after 10:30, even on weekdays. On weekends it is jam-packed. Overall, this is a great place to try. But it’s just not very new.

Meals for two: Rs. 4500 (with drinks)

Address: 201, Hubtown Skybe, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Breach Candy, Mumbai

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