Haven’t received an email from Netflix about account sharing yet? Don’t cheer

Netflix announced this week how much extra damage you have to the streaming service per month when you share your account. It is an extra 3.99 euros per month per account that you share. Netflix would send an email about this to subscribers this week. If you haven’t received the email yet, that means nothing. That email will probably come.

Share Netflix

The streaming service can see very well which account is shared with others. It is not for nothing that as a subscriber you sometimes receive an email that someone has logged in from region x in country x. Netflix knows where someone logs in from and therefore also knows who is most likely to share accounts. It’s all based on IP addresses: that’s the address you have when you surf the internet. Your IP address as an account holder is the ‘base’ and if people want to watch Netflix outside of that location, they have to pay for it. This is only possible with the more expensive subscriptions, because sharing an account is not possible with a basic subscription.

With the Standard subscription, you can share your account with one extra address: if you have Netflix Premium, you can do so with two extra addresses. Please note: this still means that you will have to pay an extra 3.99 euros per month per address for your account. The people of that other address must also live in the same country as the subscriber. If you have an account via a provider, as we also have via T-Mobile, for example, then you are out of luck: sharing your account with others is not possible at all.

No more leaching

Is there also an advantage? Well, the people you share your account with get their own username and login, so that saves you from logging in incorrectly, the hassle of passwords, and so on. Furthermore, it is and remains especially annoying for users, who for years could just leech at others. Some people feel disadvantaged by this: as if they had a right and this is being taken away.

However, that is not too bad: it is not very strange that Netflix prefers to see one subscription per household. It also invests a lot of money in Originals. Moreover, it is also a good time to think about who you shared your account with (exes, for example?) and whether it is not even time to really cut ties with these people.

Netflix will send email

If someone still watches a lot at an address other than the one where the subscriber closed the account, then those people will receive a notification of this activity and they will be requested to pay. So Netflix is ​​certainly getting a lot stricter, despite the fact that it has already managed to increase its subscriber numbers considerably since it announced that it would lose millions of subscribers. Fortunately, you can easily transfer your profile, so the move means that your viewing list also moves with it.

You do have to look at how you will do that financially, if you are going to share an account. In any case, big things are about to change and although several people have said to cancel Netflix then, Netflix expects that backlash to be better than expected. We are still waiting for the mail with fresh reluctance: although we are always in favor of that money being used to make even better, fresher series and films on the Flix.

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