Healthy recipe: How to make this great dried fruit salad

Tired of eating dried fruit? Turn it into a mouth watering salad.

Executive Sauce Chef Gagandeep Singh Sahni, Shangri-La-Eros Hotel, New Delhi tells you how.

Served: 4

For salads:
40 g dry pruning
40 g dried apricots
50 g nuts (soaked and peeled)
30 grams of walnuts
40 g dried figs
50 grams of organic quinoa
50 grams of barley
Add 40 grams of fresh mint, parsley and dill
80 grams of goat cheese
5 grams flax seeds
6 grams of maldon salt
2 grams of salt
5 g black pepper powder

For dressing:
10 ml red wine vinegar
10 ml walnut oil
20 ml olive oil
3 g black pepper powder

For dressing:
* Beat together red wine vinegar, walnut oil and olive oil.

* Add salt and crushed black pepper, check seasoning.

For salads:
* Boil 400 ml of water, add quinoa and salt. Boil the mixture until the quinoa is cooked through. Drain off excess water and refrigerate.

* Take another pan with boiling water. Add salt and cook the barley, until it is soft. Drain off excess water and refrigerate.

* Cut pieces, apricots, walnuts, figs and fresh herbs.

* Toss together quinoa, barley, dried fruit, goat cheese, flax seeds, fresh herbs, maldon salt, black pepper and dressing.

* Transfer to a salad bowl and serve.

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