How long will it rain? With these five weather apps you know

It’s terrible weather. Not because it’s cold, but because rain is not something you want after many days of sun. You can of course get annoyed with your umbrella on your bike, but you can also make useful use of weather apps to plan your life a little smarter. We list five apps that can be of great service to you.

1. Rain radar

Where many people think that Buienradar is really only about rain, they are wrong. Of course it once started with that: let’s see when that rain cloud moves away, but you can find much more in it. You can even see if there are pollen in the air and how much sunlight you can expect. But of course it remains an app that you mainly think about when it rains. And that’s okay, because that’s quite common in our country. You can see quite precisely when there is just a break in the cloud cover, so that you can go to the office like a frantic on your two-wheeler without having to wear a rain suit. Very very nice.

2. WeatherPro

If you travel a lot, Buienradar is slightly less useful than for example WeatherPro. The latter is very international and uses MeteoGroup information. Basically you see the weather forecast for three hours, but you can also see it for an hour for a fee of 1 euro per month. Then you know it just a little more specifically and that can certainly be useful in some cases. In addition, the app can be linked to the Netatmo weather station, if you also want to stay informed on that device at home.

3. Meteo blue

Meteoblue is an app that takes some getting used to, because a lot happens and it is not always clearly explained what means what. But, as we say: you get used to it. This app can show hourly forecasts and is very good at forecasting the weather. The app has a beautiful, blue look and is therefore very recognizable. You do have to make do with advertisements here and there. Sometimes in the form of a banner, sometimes full screen, but this app is so specific that it is still worth using.

4. Weather Online

Weeronline has the advantage that it contains millions of locations where you can check the weather and that it is free. Although WeatherPro and Buienradar seem to be slightly more specific and better in their forecasts, Weeronline is more focused on general weather. If you want to know what it will be in two weeks, Weeronline is a great app to use. Plus, this app is – just like Buienradar by the way – made by Dutch people.


You rarely hear about it, because they were very late with it, but the KNMI also has an app. An app that was a bit disappointing, especially in the early days, but has since become a bit better. This is an app that is especially pleasant for the somewhat older generation, because they see the KNMI as the figurehead of weather forecasts. The app certainly helps with that, but not if you want to see which showers are coming. The app is no longer allowed to display this, so you will have to go to Buienradar for that. However, this app is just a bit clearer in displaying the information.

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