​Huh? Navigation app Waze steps into the world of astrology

Navigation app Waze is known for being very playful, but isn’t it going a bit too far? For example, you can now adjust your route in Waze based on your zodiac sign.

Constellations in Waze

You will find the option in the ‘customize your drive’ section, where you can also find the route directions by Master Chief or Christina Aguilera. The idea is that you navigate as your zodiac sign dictates. For example, an Aries appears to be considerably more fervent in the car than, for example, a Libra, who is more looking for compromise. Waze says it’s “tapping into the cosmos” to find out if you’re navigating as a Sagittarius, Scorpio, or another zodiac sign.

The astrological guide that leads you to your destination does so by giving clues that match your zodiac sign. You get a little life advice and some teasing. According to ‘the stars’ (or simply: Waze), Aries is fiery, Libra balanced, Aquarius independent, Taurus ambitious, Gemini spontaneous, Cancer intuitive, Virgo detail-oriented, Capricorn intense, Pisces whimsical, Leo dramatically, the Sagittarius free-spirited and the Scorpio loyal. The guide will probably adjust the directions accordingly.


At the moment, the options are only available in the United States via Customize your Drive, but it is an interesting trend to see. In the Netherlands we are generally a bit more down-to-earth, but make no mistake, we are also doing more and more with astrology. For example, Tinder announced last year that we often match with people who are the same zodiac sign. On the other hand, that does not have to be conscious, of course.

There are even dating programs now that revolve around zodiac signs: it’s a very hip subject, so it’s not surprising that Waze is going along with it. Moreover, the constellations have everything to do with the stars, and navigation traditionally has a link with that. We now use satellites for our navigation, but in the past those stars with their constellations were very important to arrive safely at your destination.

By the way, the new Zodiac mode is available worldwide, but then you have to look for it in the left menu instead of the Customize your Drive. But yes, if you are an intuitive Cancer, then of course you would have already done that.

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