IKEA comes with a super cheap speaker that lasts 80 hours

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has come up with a good solution for people who like to sing in the shower. It introduces a speaker that lasts 80 hours on a single charge and is water resistant. Ideal to put on a song of up to 5 minutes and to ensure that you shower sustainably. Moreover, it is also a very cheap thing: it only costs 15 euros.

Not with Sonos

IKEA has of course been making speakers with Sonos for years in all kinds of original shapes, but it is not really known for its great speakers. When people are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, they usually look for a Sonos Roam or a JBL device. Or they just use their smartphone, although the chance that you blow up your speakers is a bit higher and you miss some bass. Moreover, with those speakers you are probably less likely to take the risk of using them near water.

IKEA is now filling a gap, because it comes with a speaker that is both small and water-resistant, and therefore also lasts quite a long time on a single charge: 80 hours. The loudspeaker appears in the Vappeby line. The speaker is not only waterproof, but also dustproof, so you could also take it to the beach. Taking it into the pool water may be a bit far, but it can stand on the edge of the pool with its IP67 rating. In principle, it can be submerged in water for half an hour without any problems, but these tests are always done with plain water, instead of, for example, salt water or chlorinated water.

IKEA Vappeby speaker

The reason why this speaker is so waterproof has to do with the material used, which is also used for sex toys, for example: silicone. It is a coating that is water and dust resistant. You can also connect it (just like JBL speakers) to another IKEA Vappeby speaker, so you can make the sound stereo. Is there another catch in the grass? IKEA does not put a USB-C cable in the box with this speaker. However, anyone who would buy such a speaker probably already has such a wire at home: after all, you also use it to charge the smartphones that have appeared in recent years.

Vappeby for the shower (among other things, of course) is available from April in the colors black, red and yellow, with a cord to hang it on your bag or in the shower.

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