‘I’m getting impatient to feel ok’: Chhavi Mittal pens note two months after breast cancer surgery

The road to recovery after a disease such as cancer is an arduous one — physically as well as mentally. Chhavi Mittal is experiencing something similar as she opened up about her struggle “to get by each day at a time”, two months after her breast cancer surgery.

Calling it a “lone journey”, the actor wished that “people could just look at your face and know that you’re not ok.”

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Take a look at her post here.

“But lone journeys are never like that. Only a traveler knows the blisters on his feet from walking or the soreness in his back from carrying his bags. Only a jilted lover knows the ache he feels in his heart…. Only a battle survivor knows the struggle he goes through to get by each day at a time,” she continued.

Comparing her impatience to that of an expecting mother, Chhavi said, “It’s been 2 months since my breast cancer surgery and just like a mother, pregnant in the last few days, I’m getting impatient to feel ok, to feel normal, to be able to do the things I did before it all began, to be able to smile from within.”

While she is recovering, the actor admitted feeling “tired of going back to bad days after seeing a few good ones” and “sick of not understanding what my own body can or cannot do”.

While Chhavi is “exhausted of fighting”, she acknowledged that “there are some battles you can only fight alone”.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April this year. Since then, she has undergone surgery and radiation therapy, and is currently recovering.

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