Instagram now lets you share what music you listen to

If you don’t like music that much, this update won’t interest you much, but for anyone who has an ultimate summer jam every summer or simply likes to express themselves through someone else’s lyrics and melodies, it’s fantastic. Instagram now lets you show you which music you listen to in the Notes. Not only that, it also plays 30 seconds of music when people tap your status.

Instagram Notes

You’ve been able to create Notes in Instagram for a while now. These are a kind of bubbles with which you can briefly show your status. We wrote recently that young people often do very creative things with it, but now it gets even more creative: you can add music to it. People can read what you listen to, but also enjoy it for half a minute. It is also still possible to post a status update (as long as you keep it short).

There is also something new coming to Notes, because you can now find a translate button. This also allows you to understand the status update of that Indian friend or Arab aunt if you don’t speak their language. By the way, if you want to make a Note yourself, go to the chat within Instagram (the Dm section). It says ‘Let me know what’s on your mind’ and if you tap that, you can share your status update. Some people use Notes to let them know they’re not online for a while, while others use it purely to say something funny.

Project 92

Notes has not been around for very long within Instagram, it was introduced at the end of last year. It seems that Instagram is interested in it, although it is of course also working on its own answer to Twitter: the exciting Project 92 that we wrote about last week. So far, especially younger users seem to be using it anyway. Anyway, that usually means that the ‘oldies’ will soon follow.

Implement tags. Simulate a mobile device using Chrome Dev Tools Device Mode. Scroll page to activate.

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