International Women’s Day 2023: Striking Surveys and Tweets

Today is International Women’s Day and many companies and individuals are doing something with it. After all, it is quite significant if a company does nothing with it. Although they have to watch out for the Pay Gap Bot on Twitter, because it is working overtime today on this #EmbraceEquity day.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is meant to reflect on inequality. This can be in personal rights, but also in salaries, for example. But also at all: did you know that only 16 percent of women work in tech in the Netherlands? How does that affect the technology we make? Women’s Day has a lot of shocking numbers, because this is also the time to let data speak for itself. In this article we highlight a few studies, in addition to a lot of tweets that have everything to do with this Women’s Day.

Special football boots in FIFA

EA is a game company that generally speaking, especially when compared to the Activisions of this world, is doing quite well with women and equality. In honor of Women’s Day, it has found female designer Harkian Kalsi willing to create a new football outfit for the players in FIFA 23.

Research: Women should teach men how to invest

A striking study by Data Trade Republic: Dutch women performed better on capital markets in 2022 than Dutch men. They invest more often for the longer term and trade less often. However, they use 37 percent less money for this. The conclusion of Data Trade Republic? Women should teach men how to invest.

You can be anything

Barbie would like especially young girls to work in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). It did it in its series You Can Be Anything, but also by making Barbies look like women in these fields of work.

All time “high”

A Deloitte article once predicted that by the end of 2022 the tech industry would have an ‘all-time high’ of 33 percent female representation.

Research: 2 of the 25 companies listed on the AEX have a woman as their IT manager

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Ordina conducted a study into the gender gap of IT managers of the largest companies in the Netherlands. This appears to be a woman in only 2 of the 25 companies listed on the AEX.

Diversity is often not even recognised

Sapio Consulting’s Global Blueprint for Belonging and Diversity report states that only 35% of companies in the Netherlands feel that diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated in their organization.

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