James Cameron: ‘I warned you about AI back in the 80s’

Director James Cameron made a movie in the year 1984 in which our AI inventions from the future would completely kill us. That was Terminator. And this is James Cameron today: “I warned you in 1984 and you didn’t listen.”

James Cameron

Clear language from the Avatar director, who is clearly concerned about the rapid development of AI in the world. Same as Christopher Nolan, director of Oppenheimer, who says he hopes AI doesn’t become one of those inventions we regret later, like the nuclear bomb was.

No matter how loudly people shout that AI is not okay, unfortunately it seems unstoppable. Earlier today we wrote how Apple is now making its own AI chatbot and Elon Musk has founded his own AI company: that will not just stop, especially if tech companies continue to develop it: they are ultimately also the companies that have to protect us from it.

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