‘Jugjag Geo’ promotion: Kiara Advani continues to impress with her impeccable style

Over the past few years, Kiara Advani has emerged as an undisputed style diva who has failed to experiment with varied silhouettes, prints and colors. Trendy fit from the elegant ethnic ensemble – trust the actor that he will easily highlight every look effortlessly. As such, for the promotion of her upcoming release, Juggling Geo, Kiara is channeling her versatile style and her recent two appearances are proof of that.

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Taking the denim trend to the next level, the actor wore a chic co-ord set from Shantanu and Nikhil’s S&N. It was a pair with flared trousers featuring a corset-style front-zip top.

Leaving it minimal but elegant, he accessed it with just a pair of white hoops. Leaving her hair open in soft curls, she has added a finishing touch with smoky eyeshadow, coiled eyes, blushed cheeks and nude lip color.

To give a classic Indian saree a contemporary twist, Kiara wore an ornate saree by designer Amrita Thakur and paired it with a matching corset blouse.

Matching the ethnic appeal of the look, she paired the sari with heavy stone-inlaid earrings. Excluding other accessories, the actor has rounded up the look with smoky eyeshadow, cooled eyes, hints of blush and glossy lip color.

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