Julia Fox’s DIY dress has a skirt made with her own picture; Look at this

Julia Fox’s passion for crazy fashion is not unknown. Remember when she wore an all-denim dress? The Italian-American actor and model – who recently became romantically involved with rapper Kani ‘Yeh West’ – usually wears her own designed outfit.

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She posed for a particularly risky outfit earlier this year that included a denim bra, matching pants and a pump and a bag made of denim.

Fox also shared a tutorial on how she combined the look using a pair of high-waisted denim.

Now, he has unveiled another ensemble of his own work, which is as creative as it gets. The 32-year-old Vogue used two Polaroid pictures of herself to cover her chest and appeared to be wearing a skirt made entirely of pictures when she appeared in a video from Czechoslovakia – shown on its cover for the month of July.

She paired the look with black heels, and when someone asked her what she was wearing, she said “I”.

Uncut James actor shared photos of the photoshoot on Instagram and wrote in the caption that he had “no idea” [she] Was shooting for the cover. ” “Avoid a beat of my heart! I really had no idea. I thought it was just a spread and to be honest I was so happy to suffer; I didn’t care! Anyway we’re here now, and I’m still stuck and grateful to everyone involved , ”He wrote.

The magazine also shared a part of her interview, in which she talks about learning to be a confident woman, “I had to learn how to adapt to myself and my potential. This is one of the scariest things one has to face. We often get stuck in comfort and that we know better. Someone has spent their whole life like this. I can never do that. “

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