Kajal wore this striking outfit to celebrate 25 years of her ‘secret’ photo

Kajal showed off her cheerful best at one of her recent fashion outings, which was the screening of her 1997 thriller film Gupta: The Hidden Truth.

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The actor posed for photos and shared numerous photos of the event on Instagram, with the caption: “Kick Butt and get named at #Gupt Screening # 25yearsofgupt after 25 years.”

For the occasion, the 47-year-old – who played the role of ‘Isha Diwan’ in Hudunit – was spotted on a multi-colored top of a shoulder showing geometric patterns on a black base, which he wore over a pair of heights. -Booty baggy black flared pants.

The actor wore her hair in a half-bun, left the rest loose and chose a minimal makeup that included a dark brown shade of lipstick, contoured cheeks and well-defined eyes. She also wore a pair of danglers and carried a big smile to finish the look.

Interestingly, Bobby Deol was joined by his co-star from the film, and the two seem to have had a lot of fun.

Earlier, Kajal shared this vintage throwback photo from the 90s, where she looked glamorous in a blue chiffon top and a matching crochet beret.

“Why just grab the day when you can grab a throwback picture!” He captioned the photo.

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