Kamran Akmal’s sacrificial goat gets stolen from his residence

Former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal found his way to headlines on Friday when his sacrificial goat got stolen from outside his house in a private housing society.

Akmal’s father said that they had bought six goats for qurbani which were tied outside their home and he suspects that the crime took place around 3 am when the servant tasked to keep an eye on the animals was fast asleep.

Akmal’s father said that the missing sacrificial goat was the best of the lot and cost around 90,000 rupees. The housing’s security have assured the family of the cricketer has been assured that the goat will be recovered and the culprits will be apprehended.

“The thieves have taken away the best of them which was bought at the price of Rs 90,000,” he stated.

Akmal represented Pakistan in 53 Tests, 157 ODIs, and 58 T20Is and is now playing in the Pakistan domestic leagues.

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