Launch went well, but Starship explodes on first test flight

It launched well, and that’s what mattered, but SpaceX space rocket Starship didn’t make it. The rocket went off course, spun around a few times before coming to an end with a big explosion.

Launch Starship

The colossus was launched from Boca Chica Texas. The launch went well, there was a lot of cheering, but after four minutes of flying disaster struck. On the other hand, it didn’t feel that way, because there was still cheering: the team had expected this, which is why it was also a test flight. So there was no one on board.

The intention is that Starship will soon start transporting people. This one can no longer do it, but a new variant must, after many tests, ensure that the first black person and the first woman set foot on the moon (or at least, be brought near the moon, where they switch to another vehicle that will eventually go to the moon). lunar surface, but that doesn’t have to happen until 2025, leaving plenty of time for SpaceX to do some serious testing.


SpaceX wrote on Twitter that it went wrong just before it had to separate from another part. The flight was actually supposed to last 90 minutes before Starship splashed into the sea. The idea behind this 120 meter high tour de force is that it is recyclable. You can use it again. Of course that is only possible if he actually lands properly on his feet and that was unfortunately not the case now. The 33 Falcon Raptor engines of the Super Heavy have gone up in smoke. Incidentally, not all 33 were used, because then the rocket would not have been able to do what it had planned: just a short 300 kilometers in the air, and then return .

SpaceX will thoroughly analyze the data that has been collected to ensure that the next test does not go wrong. As you can see from the launch video in this article, SpaceX used state-of-the-art materials. Even the on-board cameras show the state of the device with pin-sharp clarity. Impressive to see, especially because we are used to observing space equipment mainly in somewhat poorer quality.

The next test flight will take place in a few months, SpaceX head Elon Musk says on Twitter, which he also owns. To learn more about Starship, read on here.

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