Love your coffee? Follow your brew from the moment it is fried in Blue Tokai

Instant coffee is best to wake you up and manage a cup of machine coffee after a plastic cup on your busy day? Do you want to comfortably sip your coffee and use every coffee bean that goes in your cup?

If you live in Delhi then go to Blue Tokai, a roastry-cum-cafe here. Its goal is to change the coffee roastry culture in the country and give customers the opportunity to see the roasting process.

Customers will see the roasting and packaging process as well as the opportunity to participate in brewing and roasting workshops.

“Many rosters work in secret and are afraid to share information. Our roastry tries to do the exact opposite by connecting our customers to their coffee from the moment it is roasted, ”said Matt Chitharanjan, co-founder of Blue Tokai.

Referring to the old Malabari term for a peacock’s tail, Blue Tokai is the source of its coffee from the estates of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Noting the difference between instant coffee and roasted coffee, Chitharanjan said: “Instant coffee is just a crystal of dried coffee that dissolves in hot water. The process of drying the finished coffee into instant coffee and then returning it to the drinkable coffee loses the taste and aroma of the real coffee. ” It never tastes like coffee made, ”he explained.

There are various sketches of the artists in the coffee packaging, which reflect the life of the coffee farm. “If you look at the artwork on the back of our bags, you’ll see that each artwork highlights the biodiversity or everyday subtleties of life in a coffee estate,” said Namrata Asthana, co-founder of Blue Tokai, who also happens to be Chittaranjan’s wife.

Blue Tokai opened its roster in South Delhi last month and also has a 3-year-old outlet in the suburbs of the capital Gurgaon.

“Although Delhi is our home, Mumbai and Bangalore also have a large population interested in a good coffee experience. We send our coffee all over the country and after Delhi most of our customers are located in these two cities, ”said Chitaranjan.

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