Luxury dessert for sweet tooth in the capital, Swiss ice cream

Three-month-old Movenpick in Delhi already has a set of loyal customers who come to this place frequently for their Swiss imported flavors, ranging from emerald quotas to blackcurrants and creams; And classic Swiss chocolate from Macadamia nuts.

On the second floor of Select City Walk in Saket is an ice cream boutique in red and white, opposite fast food joint Johnny Rocket.

It offers 18 unique natural and low-calorie flavors in ice cream and soft drinks, the latter being 99% fat free. A high point of the brand is that it caters to all age groups and taste buds.

The healthy twist of their sweet serving without compromising on the price of taste, probably makes the place popular among the Creme de la Creme in South Delhi.

For the kids, they have mini servings in mini cups and cones. Older people can taste their sugar-free food and those who have sweet teeth are looking for a full meal, they offer a combination of lip smacking waffles or ice cream with pancakes. It is a heavenly delight for people who crave high levels of sugar.

It’s not just ice cream, but also their smoothies in lemon, raspberry and mango variants, which shake your taste buds. Swiss chocolate shakes and coffee drinks made with espresso shots are a hot favorite among customers. We’ve tried ice coffee, already recommending their best-selling preparation and especially sinful pleasure.

Muvenpik’s best-selling dessert, iced coffee. (Source: Sukriti Gumbar Express photo)

Mövenpick considers the deeper aspects of hospitality, hygiene and an impeccable service. Their price brochures portray an accurate picture of their sister Boch, in contrast to other first-rate brands that confuse customers.

There is no fear of competing with other well-established ice cream parlors in the city as they believe they take their ‘unnatural’ aspect as a front-driven parameter.

Komal Gupta, assistant manager of Movenpick, said, “I have seen this place where people are being tied up, marriage proposals are being discussed and pregnant women are fulfilling their sugar cravings by preparing us.” On Mother’s Day, Movenpick gave free ice cream scoops to mothers with their babies. ‘We did the same thing on Father’s Day and this kind of scheme increases our sales as well as keeps our customers happy’, he added.

Pay a visit to their picturesque habitat, it’s worth the effort. And pleasant weather.

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