Malaika, Arjun’s Paris holiday was a comfortable, glamorous fashion; See picture

Malaika Aurora and Arjun Kapoor have been spotted enjoying their holiday in the city of love, Paris. The couple actively shared photos of each other and the couple continued to increase their share of fashion while scoring goals.

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Malaika Aurora shared multiple photos on Instagram and fans were surprised because the couple looked adorable. In all the pictures, the couple is seen posing in the background of the Eiffel Tower. Malaika leaned on Arjun’s shoulder while the actor was taking selfies.

Couple enjoying their vacation in Paris (Source: Instagram)

In the first picture, the actor is seen in a green coat and pants with a white sports bra. With rectangular black glasses and a high bun, he looked glamorous.

In another photo, he shared that Arjun Kapoor was seen posing against the Eiffel Tower. The actor wore a casual blue hoodie and transparent sunglasses. We liked her cool clothes, not to miss her messy hair.

Arjun Kapoor in casual blue jumper

Earlier, he posted a picture where the couple is celebrating Arjun Kapoor’s birthday. Both of them chose white clothes and black sunglasses while eating delicious burgers and fries. The couple looked as stylish as ever.

What the cake took is a caption that Arjun Kapoor wrote while posting a video where Malaika was seen clicking on pictures of Kapoor wearing the same blue hoodie. He wrote, “His during the day, his at night, #jumpersharingscaring.”

The funny chat between the two of us stuck. In another story, Kapoor posted a picture of Malaika where he is clicking a picture. He writes, “Beware everyone, the new famous photographer in town. Contact for events / parties etc. “He reposted the story and wrote,” I learned from the best Bandra Paps. “

The actor wore a simple and casual striped shirt and low. Couples keep their choice of outfits simple, cool and chic.

The actor wore a casual outfit while walking around the city (Source: Instagram)

Which is your favorite look?

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