‘Masterchef India 4’ is going to be vegetarian

The upcoming season of cooking-reality show ‘Masterchef India’ will celebrate the rich Indian tradition of vegetarian food.

Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who is also one of the judges of the show, said the idea behind saying goodbye to non-vegetarian food items this season is to give vegetarian cooking enthusiasts a chance.

“This season is very special because ‘Masterchef India-4’ will be vegetarian India has a rich tradition of vegetarian food which has not been celebrated till now.

“This current season will give a chance to vegetarian cooking enthusiasts who have not been able to participate in the last three seasons because they do not cook non-vegetarian food. This season will give both vegetarians and non-vegetarians a chance to show off their vegetarian cooking wonders, ”Kapoor said in a statement.

The Star Plus culinary show is an adaptation of the ‘British’ masterchef. The names of the other two judges for the upcoming season have not been announced yet.

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