Max Verstappen works together with EA Sports

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that EA SPORTS has entered into a partnership with Max Verstappen. This agreement sees the Oracle Red Bull Racing driver and the brand working together to create content within the EA SPORTS portfolio.

In addition, a sponsorship is included in this deal: EA SPORTS branding will be featured on the chin of Verstappen’s helmet during the 2023 season.

Games & Sports

“Max is always driven and incredibly competitive. He is a true champion with a deep-rooted love for games and sports,” said Andrea Hopelain, SVP of Brand for EA SPORTS & Racing. made history in Formula 1. We look forward to bringing together even more fans worldwide through our EA SPORTS titles.”

“From times when I play games with my friends to competitive situations off the court, EA SPORTS has always been a part of my life,” added Max. “So this partnership feels very natural and I am proud to represent EA SPORTS, which has millions of fans, during the 2023 season.”

FIA Formula One World Championship

Max Verstappen has become one of the biggest names in the sport. He won his first FIA Formula One World Championship at the very last race of the 2021 season and also showed his dominance last year. This resulted in a second world title, achieved at the Formula 1 Honda Japanese Grand Prix 2022 – with four races still to come.

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