Musk is giving away 2 billion Tesla shares

Elon Musk does weird things sometimes. They know all about that at Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX. But he also has brilliant ideas. They are not always successful, but there is no other way. To be successful, you must not let yourself be limited. Every now and then Elon is a good person on another level as well.

11.6 million Tesla shares donated in 2022

For example, every year he gives away quite a few shares of his companies, mainly Tesla. Last year, according to documentation from the American stock market watchdog SEC, he donated almost $ 2 billion worth of Tesla shares to one or more organizations. Which? That is not known, but in total Elon distributed about 11.6 million Tesla shares.

He currently owns about 13 percent of all Tesla shares. So he can let his generous self speak for a while. In 2021, he gave away more than $ 5.7 billion. It is not known whether these were also share donations. That he had less to give away in 2022 seems logical since he spent 44 billion that year alone on the acquisition of Twitter.

Musk signed the so-called Giving Pledge agreement in 2021, along with a number of other billionaires. In addition, the richest people on earth promised to give away at least half of their wealth during their lifetime.

New Twitter CEO not until the end of 2023

In the meantime, Elon Musk has also said something about his intention – initiated by the result of a c that he himself started – to appoint a new CEO for Twitter. He will only take over Musk’s tasks at the end of this year. Who that will be is not yet known.

Twitter’s current owner and CEO spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai. There he said he wants to make sure Twitter is once again a stable, financially healthy company that knows where it wants to go before handing over the helm to a new CEO. “The end of 2023 is a great time for that,” Musk said.

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