NASA is making a talking AI space station

NASA is creeping a little closer to 2001: A Space Odyssey. But hopefully with a happy ending. NASA ii building a space station with artificial intelligence. That way, astronauts can talk to the ‘robot’ to get it to do certain activities.

AI space station

This involves Ai-bot such as ChatGPT that can help solve problems that the astronauts encounter. This AI is supposed to make its debut in the new space station Lunar Gateway that NASA is working on. The idea is that you talk to the AI ​​like you would talk to a human, so not as robotic, but very natural. Like it’s the fellow astronaut.

Larissa Suzuki to The Guardian. “The plan is to get to a level where we can have an interesting conversation with artificial intelligence.” She hopes that they will share findings and conclusions from the galaxy with us and semi-automatically.

Machine learning

It is not only AI, but also AI that must play a role. The handy thing about this is that it also works offline in order to have intelligence even in areas where there is not always coverage. For example, the robots that make all kinds of findings on a planet can check it immediately, instead of having to wait until there is contact with Earth.

Perhaps, looking at 2021: A Space Oddyssey, leaving certain things to a robot is not always ideal, but at the same time it can also be a life-saver and it is clear that NASA chooses the latter option.

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