Netflix Games review: Dust & Neon swings you into the wild west

The wild west always appeals to the imagination, especially when you traverse it with a robot skeleton. You can experience that in the game Dust & Neon, which you can now download ‘for free’ if you have Netflix. This game brings the necessary action to an ever-growing list of Netflix Games.

Dust & Neon

Dust & Neon doesn’t even look that appealing in terms of icon on the Netflix game store, but if you look at screenshots of the game, your opinion will probably change. The cool celshaded graphics, as we know them from Borderlands, for example, immediately set the tone. This game doesn’t take itself too seriously. For example, you don’t have to keep browsing and looking for bullets and guns, because you just get them. In abundance.

If you already know Dust & Neon, you can. The game is also available on PC and Nintendo Switch. This action game puts you on a kind of different planet and you have to choose wisely which weapon you use to win. You have to keep tapping on your screen to reload your gun and that is very exciting (because that takes a while of course). And then there’s something else: permadeath. If you die in Dust & Neon, then it really is ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You are dead, you have nothing left and you have to start all over again.

Robot in the Wild West

That hard permadeath that is hated by many gamers, it does get a nice sugar coating in the form of great graphics. Light and laser in this game (the neon part) really jumps off the screen and it all looks very nice, coherent. You get on-screen tips of what to do so you know where to go, and along the way you shoot the whole thing together while looking for money in the meantime.

You also earn points for every villain you meet that makes you even better at finishing those bad guys. In addition, you don’t necessarily lose everything: at a certain point it will be possible to get better weapons when you die, instead of having to start from scratch all the time. In short, it’s a hard game, but inside there’s actually a soft-boiled egg.

Netflix Games

Not too soft: it remains a fairly difficult game in which you sometimes really have a lot to do with the enemy. Precisely because there is a lot at stake, the stress also increases, but, don’t forget: also the feeling of being a winner if you succeed. The world that David Marguardt made beautiful, a world where it’s fun to explore, even if some things on the smartphone screen are a bit small.

Moreover, you may wonder whether you can really enjoy playing such an action-rich game on a smartphone, because it is especially nice to be able to just buttonbash when shooting fanatically. On the other hand, that clumsiness sometimes doesn’t get you very far in this game, so in a way it translates very well to mobile.

You can now download the semi-unforgivable Dust & Neon for free if you have a Netflix subscription. Would you rather know how you like 12 Minutes? Then read our review from last week.

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