Netflix Games Review – Dutch Nailed It! is to eat up

We have previously written about Nailed It: Baking Bash and there is a reason: the game comes from the Dutch studio Paladin. The game can be found on Netflix under the Games tab. Is it worth it, or is it just as bad as the average pie in the program?

Nailed It! Baking Bash

It’s not an easy game to review, which isn’t so much because of the difficulty of the game, but because you actually need three people to play it properly. You can’t make matches online, so you’ll need to have friends of your own who are up for a game. You share the game code with each other and you can all play from your own phone. It actually works pretty much like the television show: a beautiful cake has been made and you have to recreate it, making it extra easy for you to make a terrible flop of it.

That that so easily becomes a misfire is mainly due to the short time you get in the game show. The advantage is that a jury does not really have to taste your baking, so you don’t easily have someone’s death on your conscience, but of course you want to win with your baking. You have to do that in five rounds, where you have to bake the base cake, then put the fondant on the cake and then of course decorate, with something in between. Enough to do and the game also looks very sweet.

Netflix game

There is a lot of use of color, pink, purple: bright colors, and the 3D graphics complete it. Nailed It looks a lot of fun and I think if you find others to play with you, the game really comes into its own. On your own it has less replay value. You made a cake once and that’s kind of fun (because there’s also a kind of toned-down single player mode), but it’s not the same as the competition it is when you play with others. At least if you can handle the music, because it’s quite annoying. While writing this article it was still on and that was very fast, very annoying.

So yes, if you can find two others crazy enough to download this game, you’ll have a lot of fun with it, but for a solo game, Nailed It isn’t quite the cake we’d hoped it would be. It is certainly not a misfire, but the fact that you need others (and you cannot play online with random people) makes it a much less accessible game than the Netflix series clearly is.

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