Netflix Games review – Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is a party

Netflix is ​​still busy with its new mission to become bigger in games. That works well. Oxenfree 2 will be released this summer and we can already play Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. Free, if you have a Netflix subscription. The game is a party: in terms of appearance and gameplay.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Developer Yacht Club Games has even added the new DLC to the game, namely the Puzzlers Pack full of new characters, environments, collectibles and challenges. Anyway, that’s all extra, you can also just play the original game of course, and this is what you can roughly expect: Pocket Dungeon has a story that you can neglect in itself, because it’s really about the gameplay.

The main character from the game ends up in a small version of the previous games and has to puzzle through dungeons to progress. He has to find a way to get out of that pocket dungeon and of course that can only be done by asking friends for help and killing enemies. A good learning curve has been found: the game is really getting harder and we haven’t seen that much in games lately. Often it fluctuates a bit, but Shovel Knight has got it right when it comes to increasing difficulty.

Netflix Games

Each time you will be placed in a field of 8×8 squares full of enemies and you have to smoke enough of them to progress, only to see 8×8 squares with enemies again. You can play it mindlessly and that makes it a great game to play after work, when you’re done with it, or just for entertainment while watching television. You can make a kind of combos and meanwhile the game is also a kind of Tetris, with falling blocks. Sounds totally crazy huh? You should try it yourself. Fortunately, you can now, because you can now play this iconic, much-loved game for free on Netflix, if you have a subscription.

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