Netflix Games Review – Tomb Raider Reloaded is ON

Lara Croft already has several great games in app form, but there aren’t many as action-packed as Tomb Raider Reloaded on Netflix. In a top-down view, you must slaughter all kinds of enemies, including T-rexes and ghosts. Sounds wildly far-fetched, but for some reason we totally accept it: it’s Lara, after all, and we’ve been accepting the most bizarre storylines from that for years. Few people have endured as much trauma as Lara. Anyway, this game isn’t about that, Tomb Raider Reloaded is mostly about fun.

Tomb Raider Reloaded

The game was developed by Square Enix London and Emerald City Games and they clearly know what to do with the beloved franchise. Lara Croft is also in this game, as we are used to, looking for treasures. This time, however, the gameplay is not only action, but also a lot of puzzling and choosing smart strategies to progress. And okay, there are still loads of bosses to completely butcher. In all kinds of settings: jungle, desert, icy areas: you travel around the world again. The fact that the graphics are also very colorful, daring and beautiful, that certainly helps. Add to that a nice soundtrack and you have a game that is quite complete.

But, what about the controls? Can you also play Lara well with a touchscreen instead of a controller? The answer to that is a resounding yes. The game is very nice to control and there is no other way, because this game has never appeared on consoles. It’s really made to be a game for smartphones and you can tell by everything. In addition, there is also a nice system built in that allows you to use different weapons to fight the opponent in all kinds of different ways.

Play with friends

I wanted to play the game while waiting for the train, but ended up playing the whole way on the train. Not so cozy for my fellow traveler, although you can still have a conversation. Plus, you can also get your friends involved: they can help you complete challenges, which in turn can bring you rewards. So just put those fellow travelers to work. It probably doesn’t take much effort to motivate them, because just like I wanted to play ‘just five minutes’, I was puzzling and chopping for 45 minutes. But actually, that’s exactly how games are supposed to be. Thank you Netflix.

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