Netflix Games Review: World of Goo is simply GOOd

Netflix is ​​known for its films and series, but it is increasingly putting itself on the map when it comes to games. That it invested in an app version of World of Goo was a golden move. World of Goo has been nicely polished for Netflix and this allows you to play a game that captivates from start to finish, and knows how to flourish.

World of Goo

First, you have to make us a promise if you’re going to play this game: do it with the sound on. The music in World of Goo is fantastic, so you’d do well to get those earplugs together. In addition, the game is very nice to see, thanks to the visual upgrade that studio 2D Boy has done. The packaging is already good: but what about the content?

World of Goo is praised because it is very challenging, but still feels like it is accessible. Handsome, and very attractive. The game is quite simple: you have to build a kind of wobbly structures by connecting a kind of slime balls. With that you then have to make tall buildings and bridges, lots of bridges. That way other Goo balls can run towards the end of the level.

Nice puzzle

Sounds simple, it isn’t. You have to plan smartly to build good structures and you really have to get to know the Goo balls a bit to use them as smartly as possible. Well: you know what to do, you know it looks nice and it sounds good. What else do you want? World of Goo is a success in its simplicity: this is what games are all about. Having a mission and always completing it: especially if it’s not that easy, then that feeling of reward once you make it is really huge.

The people at 2D Boy have managed to make such good puzzles that you just keep playing. The game also doesn’t make you feel like a loser if you don’t succeed: then you just try again, right? No problem! For that reason, it also remains a positive experience, which makes you want to keep playing the game over and over again. You can puzzle and devise a strategy at your own leisure, and it’s not like it’s all pressure or that you keep dying and then have to redo whole pieces. The game is very forgiving and that makes it so accessible. Accessible, but certainly not easy. Enjoy!

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