No pressure from G7 to stop buying oil from Russia: Foreign Secretary

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Germany for the G-7 summit starting June 26, Foreign Secretary Binoy Mohan Quatra said on Friday that there was no pressure on the G-7 countries to stop buying oil from Russia because India’s “consideration is very important”. .

Responding to a question at a briefing, Quatra said, “India’s trade arrangements for buying crude oil around the world are determined entirely by India’s energy security considerations and no other considerations. I think that consideration is very well understood. “I don’t see any point in putting pressure on this issue. India has continued its oil trade and bought from where we need to do it.”

Quatra said it was fully determined, regulated and inspired by India’s energy security considerations, noting that it was one of the most important aspects of the country’s national economic interests.

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Asked about food security due to the Ukraine crisis, Quatra said India has taken a very “active” position in ensuring food security in vulnerable countries.

Ukraine is a major producer of wheat and its main food exports have been cut off.

“I think the Russia-Ukraine situation has created a certain amount of food security crisis around the world and as a responsible nation, India has taken a very active role in ensuring food security in high-risk countries. Their needs have been addressed,” Quatra said. .

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