Now enjoy Indian Railways food in Abu Dhabi

In a unique opportunity for food lovers in the UAE to taste a variety of Indian food, a local restaurant has come up with great food served on Indian Railways for hundreds of years.

The Indigo restaurant offers the best across India in three sets of menus, each highlighting a different route – from Mumbai to Delhi (Mumbai capital), from Delhi to Kolkata (Howrah capital), and from Delhi to Jaipur and Agra (Palace on Wheels), according to Gulf News.

“We decided to do a little work on the food served by Indian Railways, but due to the diversity and the large amount of data we got, we decided to streamline,” said Mohammad Irfan Qureshi, the brain behind the idea.

The food on offer includes potato chutney, vegetable momos, railway tomato soup and many other vegetarian dishes.

“If you can sit in one place like the railway and eat so much variety of food, why go to another place? And Indigo is like a train; You’re just sitting in your place, and you get a taste of the whole country.

“If you are not familiar with Indian Railways, you can come to Indigo and expect a pleasant surprise. There is something very unique about food, very bold and very tasty, ”he said.

To ensure that the food is truly Indian, Qureshi uses various spices such as cocoa, pepper, saffron, turmeric and tamarind.

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