Out of the junk

Junkyards are always a tad challenging to find; Taking a hint from its inspiration, the recently opened Junkyard Cafe has a little head scratcher as the entrance. Once you find its location on the second floor of Connaught Place, there can be nothing more open than this, from the stone flanged entrance to the interior of the cave, the whole restaurant breathes in the spacious space. The decor is inspired, and we don’t just mean by name. Rusty wrenches and sprockets molded into Object de Arts, irregular furniture, server-mounted dungeons and sporting hard hats, and even a life-sized World War I plane model, made entirely of wood and decoratively hard to peel off – hard to tear our eyes out . Focus on surroundings and menus.

In keeping with the garbage around, a part of the menu is about health. Each dish is carefully caloric, the value of each nutrient is noted. We just want management to determine the amount of each meal in each portion because 190 calories for a steak doesn’t sound right. Or rather, very good to be true. The other chapter is Sans Medicine and a medal of comfortable food from around the world.

Deciding not to play favorites, we choose our starter – sausage mushroom caps from the first and card chicken wants from the next. The caps come up first and what their name implies is: large caps filled with sliced ​​sausage and grated with cheese, all made for mouthwash. We let it go after the rush, especially since our Wantons are crying for attention. Well stuffed with the above mentioned vegetable chicken, we still hope the chefs would do something to move the plot forward; There is nothing wrong with that except a certain stability.

For our head, we again dive into the sea with a shrimp risotto from the health menu. We follow our strategy from the past and have fun with the red moon from Opash. The risotto is a gentle blend of arborio rice and shrimp, spiced with fennel and textured with fresh rocket leaves from the garden, a meal with spirits if you like. In contrast, the red moon is as hot as a desert kingdom, a tender frying pan of tender flesh in a delicious red pepper gravy. Winter was never warm.

Meals for two: Rs. 1,800 (inclusive of tax, excluding alcohol)
Address: N-91, Connaught Place.
Contact: 33105388

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