Pizza is now Britain’s favorite food?

People in the UK now prefer pizza to spicy Indian curries.

In 2009, Britons bought 466 million pizzas from shops compared to 191 million currys.

And an estimated 12,700 restaurants serve Italian food – beating the UK’s 12,000 Indian eateries and 10,500 fish and chip shops.

More than 90 per cent of Britons now eat pizza at least once a week and the biggest increase is buying them in supermarkets.

Nine years after Cabinet Minister Robin Cook declared chicken tikka masala our national dish, Brits prefer margaritas.

“It’s the ultimate TV dinner and good for sharing. And it doesn’t get in the way of watching the action,” The Sun quoted Tesco pizza buyer Adam Chadwick, whose supermarket sells 117 varieties.

The top 10 pizza flavors are:

1. Margherita

2. Pepperoni

3. Ham and pineapple

4. Cheese feast

5. Meat feast

6. Sloppy Giuseppe

7. Ham, mushrooms and mascarpone

8. Barbecue chicken

9. Chicken and bacon

10. Bacon and mushrooms

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