Postnl introduces buddy system for parcels: Parcel buddy

In recent years, PostNL has introduced all kinds of different methods to ensure that the deliverers do not keep driving around with packages, but that they are actually delivered to the right address. Some deliverers are a bit too fanatical and throw packages in the wheelie bin or just put them in front of the door, but in general there are many professionals working at PostNL and they have made it possible for people to use parcel lockers, from delivering at the neighbors, and so on. Now something new has been added: Package buddy.

Package buddy

Parcel buddy, you’d think that’s your delivery person, but that’s not the case. Your Parcel Buddy is someone you know, for example a neighbor or a friend who lives nearby. You assign someone yourself and they will then receive insight into all packages that you receive at your address under your name. The idea is that if you are not at home, your Parcel Buddy can choose to accept your parcel.

It is a useful option for student houses, for example, where people have different bells and therefore many packages are sometimes missed. By making your housemates your Package Mates, this will hopefully be the case less often. They know that you expect a package that day and can therefore take that into account. You are only a package buddy if someone regards you as a buddy. They can do this in the PostNL app. You will then receive an e-mail and you can agree to become Package Mates.


Incidentally, it does not immediately work both ways: so if someone else marks you as a Parcel buddy and you agree, then it is not the case that that person can see your parcels in the PostNL app: if you want that, you have to as a package partner. Let’s repeat it again: that person will then know about all your packages. You cannot say that certain packages should be ‘hidden’ from that person. So if you are just buying a present for him or her and he or she has dropped out to want a Fjällräven backpack, yes, if you order it directly from Fjällräven, it can be very noticeable.

The idea of ​​Parcel buddy is therefore to ensure that parcels can be delivered more often. That saves the parcel deliverer and the recipient, in addition to being more sustainable than when the parcel goes along again. If you no longer want to designate someone as a Parcel Buddy or no longer want to see someone else’s parcels, you can simply indicate this and it will be out of the app.

Buddy system

Could such a buddy system work well? People who do not often receive parcels can benefit from it, although nowadays it is also very easy to have parcels delivered at a certain time when you are probably at home, or choose the more sustainable way and have it delivered to a parcel point to pick it up later when it suits you. So we do have some doubts about this system. But, on the other hand: we don’t live in a student house either. Plus: if only a few packages are ‘saved’, then it is a successful initiative.

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