Protest against Agnipath project: Section 144 issued in 3 districts of Rajasthan

In the wake of protests over the Agnipath recruitment scheme, the Jaipur Police Commissionerate on Sunday issued a two-month restraining order on the Commissionerate limits under Section 144 of the CRPC. On Saturday, section 144 was issued in two other districts – Dholpur and Kota.

According to the order issued on Sunday, Additional Commissioner of Police Ajay Pal Lamba said there were protests against the Agnipath project in various states where some anti-social elements were damaging public property and destroying communal harmony through social media.

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Thus, there is a strong possibility that if rallies, processions, demonstrations, etc. are organized in public places without the prior permission of the appropriate authorities, it could lead to deterioration of traffic and deterioration of law and order situation, Lamba said. Endangers public safety and thereby disrupts the peace and hence the need to impose section 144.

The order took effect at 6pm on Sunday and will remain in effect until midnight on August 18th. The move comes a day after the cabinet passed a unanimous resolution on Saturday calling on the Center to “withdraw the project with the larger public in mind”. Interests “.

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