Quick bite: “Ayurvedic chocolate” recipient

Cherry Fresh Rent (Source: Tashi Tobgial’s Express Photo)

How many calories are burned in a single shopping trip? The jury is out on this but we don’t need statistics that the more we buy, the more hungry we will be. Isn’t it a stroke of luck, then, India International Trade Fair also offers a feast for flatulence and this year’s fare includes some unusual items. Gelateria and Yogurtaria cherries serve both fresh frozen and hot meals – the latter has a coffee bar – a reliable guide to the popularity of desserts and drinks and the crowds gathered around its booth.

Another brand, Brown Bite is a newborn chocolate that opened its first outlet in Lajpat Nagar a week ago and its “Ayurvedic Chocolate” pitch trolley pushers are enough to stop them on track. According to its promoters, these chocolates contain ingredients ranging from dried fruits to spices to nuts and have many restorative properties. These have already had a tidal effect on consumers for their “obvious health benefits”.

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