Recipe: Kakori Kebab

Minced meat (from the leg without any white ligaments): 1 kg

Raw papaya (paste): 100 grams


100 grams of kidney fat

(a) Kakori masala (roasted and made into powder)

Green cardamom 10 pcs

Black cardamom seeds half teaspoon

Clove No. 5,

Nutmeg 1 pinch

Mace 1 small blade

Shahi cumin seeds half teaspoon

Rose petals 1 teaspoon

Kebab sugar 10 pcs

Half a teaspoon of white pepper

Kashmiri Chilli 1 tbsp

Half a teaspoon of turmeric

Roasted chickpea powder 100 gms

(b) Kakori masala (make paste)

Delicious coconut 50 grams

Khushkhus 10 grams

50 grams of khoya

Onion (sliced ​​and fried) 100 gms

Cashew nuts 25 grams

100 grams of fresh malai

Saffron 1 gram

Rose water 2 tbsp

Keora water 2 tbsp


Mince meat and fat three times to very fine consistency.

Add papaya paste, salt and ground masala (A). Mix well with both hands.

Add masala paste (B) with rose water, keora water and saffron.

Mix well and leave for half an hour.

Clean and wipe the skewers. Take a portion of the mince mixture and place it evenly on the skewer in a round shape like a Sikh kebab.

Roast on a charcoal grill. Carefully remove from skewers.

Serve with green chutney. Its ideal combination is Shirmal Flatbread.

(Recipe provided by Gautam Mehrish, Corporate Executive Chef, Sun-N-Sand Hotel, Mumbai)

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