Restaurant Review: Diva Spiced takes you on an adventurous culinary trip to Asia and beyond

The restaurant business in Delhi is very much like the ancient dynasty of China, before it was ruled by a race committee. From the Ming to the Sung, each era has left an indomitable, distinct impression on its habitat. Similarly, at Meherchand Market, after the horrific Chase Nini passed earlier this year, it’s time to rule out another restaurant. Competing for fame is Diva Spiced who recently lived in the same place.

Supervised by Ritu Dalmiya, Diva Spiced Space, music or menu is at least eclectic. For the sake of brevity, we will focus later. The food is not lost in translation with due respect to the Asian but globally effective (their spicy burgers, come on) Miss Coppola.

We start strategically enough with a crystal dumpling basket with a lot more variety than a promotional ad for racial quality. While the idea may be up to date, the flavors are something else. Slow-fried pumpkin and water chestnuts are bitter when shrimp and Japanese ginger bite a little more than the average kitana. Our favorite is the wild mushroom, which is so fragrant / pungent that recently sniffed a valuable truffle pig.

Our main course consists of udan noodles and spicy pork ribs. The noodles, served in a stone bowl and garnished with greens and proteins of your choice, were promised in those childhood advertisements (you remember, those noodle ads) but never delivered.

Soup with a sonic slap, soaked in every millimeter of flavor, yet a filler instead of a stuffing; The universe is finally TV which promises. Then there are the ribs. Without going into exaggeration we will just say ribs are an experience. And with it comes the Kidney Bean Mash, which instantly takes you back to the days of Rajma’s comfortable meal. It’s inspiring.

For dessert, we have a salted caramel tart that can embarrass the entire advertising campaign of the famous chocolate brand. Satisfaction was not a bon mot.

Meals for two: Rs. 3,000 (inclusive of tax, excluding alcohol)
Address: 79-80 Meherchand Market

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