Restaurant Review: The recently opened copper employs all the senses

Opened at the Shangri-La Hotel on Janpath, Tamra takes its name very seriously. Copper in Sanskrit means, the restaurant is made in more than 50 shades and tastes much better than a certain book series.

Chevrolet cooks chefs right in front of your eyes for every dish served in the Caverns Indoor Theater kitchen (Japanese, Thai, Chinese, European and Indian all lined up, or rather, lane up). There is a luxurious long bar for dipsomaniacs among us. The seating area is a quiet oasis, separated by glass panels and arranged with both comfortable nooks and wide table spreads. A buffet spread, the tables virtually squeezing under the weight of the provident, acting as a natural barrier between the two sections. Services such as crockery and tablecloths are primitive.


We first go to the buffet, decided to supplement our fare with a selection of menus in La Carte (asylum seekers like us, can choose between the two). For the sake of brevity we pack our dishes with a stock of high quality food (a daily variable, we are told, much like Giacomo Casanova) much more to count here. However, there is one item that, like Cthulhu but much more fun, will stick to our dreams at night. Originally a porcine humas, it takes liquid pork in a shot glass and it tastes delicious. We go back for seconds. And the third. May be the fourth, which we have blocked in shame.

A copper special chocolate dessert.

Outside of the menu, we mix Thai chicken croquettes, well-marinated chicken diskettes are served dinner-style on a deep fryer tray (although they have nothing thin). They come with a chunky and intriguing Chatwint peanut sauce that excites you, like the jingle of that popular tea brand, dipping, dipping, dipping.

Desserts include signature copper chocolate; Like a chocolate bomb, with brittle pieces of crunchy peanuts and other accessories, the dish is finished with a Le Geridon, poured with a warm falling sauce that transforms the whole pudding into an incandescent chocolate mess. To quote Jamie Oliver (only once, we promise): delish.

Meals for two: Rs. 3,000 (excluding tax and alcohol)

Address: First Floor, Shangri-La Hotel, Janpath;

Contact: 33106422

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