Restaurant Week comes to Kolkata, India

To include Kolkata in the Restaurant Week India (RWI) event, Eastern Metropolis foodies will now have the opportunity to sample three-course menus at selected restaurants without burning a hole in their pockets.

RWI runs from September 11 to September 20, featuring more than 100 of the best restaurants in the country across Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and now Kolkata, according to the organizers of the Desi Restaurant Week event.

This allows food enthusiasts to sample a three-course pre-selected menu at just a fraction of a la carte rate.


“It allows participating restaurants to showcase their food by choosing dishes that represent their philosophy, and diners can experience the restaurants they were hesitant to try. More importantly, however, it is proud to celebrate some of the best restaurants in our country and our culinary scene.” It’s time to dump her and move on. “

The inaugural RWI will feature a three-course pre-selected menu for lunch and dinner at 10 premier Kolkata restaurants like Ban Thai, The Oberoi Grand, Darbari, Swissotel Kolkata and Sock, Taj Bengal.

To take part in the culinary extravaganza, one has to make a reservation online after checking the three-course menu and pay Rs 100 as a reservation.

Restaurant Week started in 1992 in New York City and the Indian version started in September 2010 in Mumbai.

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