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Loaded has no promise of luxury; Not in its decoration. Wrong flowers, blind yellow walls and a glossy purple curtain that separates the seating area from the kitchen, it belongs to the 1990s Bandra. But once you put your bias aside for the surface, this new dessert cafe on Dr. Ambedkar Road can be a delightful little discovery.

With multiple options for and around cupcakes and choices around it, such as Le Pattieseri and Brownie Point, the loaded menu sets itself apart by limiting itself to craps, waffles, dessert sandwiches and a few sinful milkshakes.

The crepe menu is chocolate-heavy, but they offer reliefs such as fruit fillings such as lemon butter crepe or nine apple cream crepe (Rs. 128). We chose the latter. If you’re accustomed to the Buckwheat variety at Suzette, you can’t appreciate it. But here’s an all-purpose variety, including caramelized apples (we’d like to make them a little more) and a generous topping of nuts and whipped cream, buttered but not too irresistible.

Pre-designed waffle options allow for a variety of toppings. We chose a Basic, with maple syrup (Rs. 71) on top, to measure the quality of the waffle. Dry and dough, it was frustrating.

Frozen hot chocolate

But the winner was their Kit Kat Brownie sandwich. We ordered their mini, which cost 89 rupees. While reluctant to try the chocolate-based dessert in the bread, we were surprised that the crispy-toasted slices were complementary to the brownies, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Pieces of Kit Kat have been added

They also offer pickled foods like pasta and sandwiches. The Corn Cheese Grill (Rs. 127), which serves as a break between many desserts, can be easily mistaken for being ordered from a local sandwich vendor.

Compact space, vibe (it is spelled out that they do not offer Wi-Fi) and price indicate that the load is aimed at students. Those who want to make food from confectionery without piercing their pockets should also try this place. For calorie-awareness, they offer coffee. But to be honest, if you notice that, then Loaded (point to its name) is not for you.

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