Samsung bans use of ChaGPT after data breach

A few weeks ago, Samsung was hit by a data breach caused by the use of ChatGPT. That is why the Korean multinational has now banned the use of tools such as ChatGPT. This applies to all computers, smartphones, tablets and other (connected) devices owned by Samsung. In addition, the AI ​​software may no longer be used on devices that are not Samsung, but are connected to the company’s internal network.

Secret source code via ChatGPT ‘on the street’

The data breach, which saw secret data from Samsung’s semiconductor division shared with ChatGPT, happened shortly after Samsung employees were allowed to use the AI ​​text generator. However, what was not sufficiently realized is that everything users share with ChatGPT can be reused by the AI ​​tool itself.

In this case, it concerned employees who had asked ChatGPT to check secret data source code for errors. Another Samsung employee turned on the AI ​​tool to optimize certain source code. Another colleague had ChatGPT prepare a report of a confidential meeting based on recordings.

For now, according to a memo seen by Bloomberg, the ban appears to be temporary. Samsung is now planning to establish rules for using AI text generators. Of course, mainly to ensure that no more secret data and source codes are exposed by using ChatGPT.


A (temporary) ban on tools such as ChatGPT and other AI text generators might be wise to instruct employees and other users and to draw up guidelines or rules for use. But, these AI tools are unstoppable.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of discussion about the possible negative impact that this form of AI can have on our daily lives and privacy. In Italy, the use of ChatGPT has therefore already been banned by the government. In any case, until OpenAI meets certain, especially privacy-related, conditions.

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