Scientists say that 11 am is the perfect time for a coffee break

If you’re among those who desperately need a mid-morning coffee break, go for it at 11am, as scientists claim to have developed a formula that proves ‘eleven’ is the best time to drink.

Oxford University research also shows that a delicious Americana isn’t the only requirement – light, music, aromas and good company need to be added to the mix. Experts have formulated the formula (M = 0.5 x F + (0.5 x E + 0.3 x P + 0.15 x C + 0.05 x T)) by combining various factors like perfect environment (E), container with great taste (F). (P), who you drink coffee with (C) and the time of day you enjoy your coffee break (T) to create the most enjoyable coffee moment (M).

After applying this formula, scientists found that 11 am is the best time to have a coffee Bream, with friends in a well-lit room and nice music in the background, reported the ‘Daily Mail’.

Professor Charles Spence, from Oxford University’s Department of Experimental Psychology, who led the research, said: “The formula describes how to create the perfect coffee moment at home or at work. We’ve known for some time that our taste buds are an important part of the taste experience.

“However, we can now identify the exact sensory states required to enjoy coffee, or any other food and drink.” According to researchers, 11 a.m. is the best time to take a coffee break because that’s when the average person’s palate is at its peak.

They also suggest soothing background music at the venue, which should be a well-lit room or outside in the sun. Regarding aroma, they say it should be strong because 80 percent of the taste of food or drink comes from the nose, not the tongue.

As far as the company is concerned, they argue that the anticipation of meeting up with friends increases your enjoyment, and the sensation of a warm drink causes your brain to see those around you in a more favorable light.

Spence’s findings, published in a report called ‘Changing Tastes’, highlight how external, environmental influences influence our brain’s interpretation of taste and enjoyment of food and drink.

Kevin Gould, a British food futurologist, said: “Professor Spence’s research report demonstrates the importance of all the senses in the enjoyment of food and drink.” Aroma is an important element in making the most of your coffee break.”

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