Simple exercises to ‘strengthen your eye muscles’ and improve vision

With increased screen time becoming the new normal for many people, it has become extremely important to pay attention to one’s eyesight. This is because the blue light emitted by digital devices like smartphones, TV, laptops, etc., can affect your health in many ways — including the brain, skin, and of course, vision.

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As such, yoga trainer Nidhi S shared a few eye exercises that she said can help strengthen eye muscles and improve eyesight, if done regularly.

“Are you fed up wearing glasses and contact lenses because of your weak eyes. Try these moves to strengthen your eye muscles and improve your eyesight,” she said.

Eye circles (anti-clockwise and clockwise): Move the eyeballs left and right, and up and down. Do each movement 10 times.
Eye pushups – This exercise will help correct convergence insufficiency. Do 10 times.
Fast and tight blinking – Blinking is important as it helps spread hydrating substances like tears and mucus across your eyes. Do each type of blinking 10 times.
Tratak kriya (light gazing) – Purifies the eyes, strengthens the eye muscles and improves vision and memory. Do this for 5-7 minutes in the dark, she suggested.

“Perform these for at least a couple of months to see considerable results,” the yoga trainer suggested

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