Something for everyone: Cafe Cubano serves Indian and international favorites with mixed results

Cafe Cubano is not a cafe; Not Cuban. Chief chef Rakesh Talwar says he liked the name ring; It sounded like a place where people gathered and talked. The dish is presented with a mix of Indian food and a twist of old choice. As the sword says, “There is something for everyone.”

We start with drinks. The Cuban Classic Margarita is a simple cocktail and hard to make a mistake, and we are not disappointed. Long Island Ice Tea, on the other hand, which is about five or six different ingredients, is more difficult to perfect – and Cafব Cubano needs to work on it. It was an interesting serve, if somewhat treacherous, that looked like a saline or blood bag hanging from a metal rack. The drink itself is flat and tastes somewhat sweet. Mumbai Spice Mojito had cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon and it was very fresh.


In the “small bite” section, Perry Perry cheese bites were excellent. The cheese was soft and melted in our mouths. For those who like a little kick, restaurant tandoori wasabi broccoli is valuable for every bite – the taste of wasabi is just right. The “small bite” included lots of chicken feed. Chicken 65 and Ghati Masala Chicken Tikka failed safe crowd-pleasing but nothing exceptional.

In the “Slider” section, we tried the Vada Pav sliders, which come with a portion of the fry. In a town where Vada Pav has a high standard, the sliders hold up with their buttered sesame seed bun and spicy green chutney. The fries were well cooked and perfectly seasoned.

For our main course, we chose Dabba Bhaji, which was served in a metal bowl and Angara Chicken. The fry was delicious, and the chicken gravy was rich, spicy and flavorful. We ate it with garlic naan and tandoori bread. Dal Makhani was the only dish we tried but didn’t like- it was strangely sweet.

Looking out over the desert, we would suggest clearing the steering from Tiramisu, whose consistency is rather heavy, like custard. But the chocolate mouse, another classic, was light, delicious and would make a nice comfortable meal. However, the icing of the cake was Banofi glass. Sliced ​​bananas, crushed and whipped cream made it a common desert, but its freshness after a heavy meal was perfect.

The decor of the restaurant was not memorable, but it was comfortable enough. Warning notes about different branches. The Cubano branch of Caf in Ville Parle has a variety of cuisines – though not Cuban yet. It’s a little more “conservative” and family-friendly – the menu has a sizzler but not a slider. But the Campus Corner menu is so popular that Talwar is thinking of doing the same for his Ville Parle branch.

Cafব Cubano is located on the ground floor, Habib Mansion, August Kranti Maidan, Campus Corner, Mumbai

Meals for 2 people: Rs. 2000 (not including drinks)

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