Spotify just got even better for people going to fly

Spotify has introduced a new improvement. The music streaming service now makes it possible to listen to a personal mix offline. Now you may think: but that was already possible, wasn’t it? Well, Offline Mix is ​​a bit different after all.

offline mix

Offline Mix puts all your downloaded songs in one playlist. That way you no longer have what sometimes happens now: that it is just silent all the time because a certain song has not yet been downloaded. Very annoying, but that can now be bypassed by the Offline Mix. It is a kind of ultimate playlist: after all, you probably only download music that you really appreciate. It can take up a lot of space on your smartphone.

You can listen offline if you don’t want to waste data, or if you have little or no WiFi. Think of the plane, traveling outside Europe and, for example, if you work in a place where there is simply very poor coverage. Spotify has been saving you for years with its ability to download all your music (well, not all at once), and to always have access to your favorite music. However, this is only possible with a paid subscription.


The existence of the Offline Mix was announced via Twitter. CEO Daniel Ek shows what something like this looks like. It shows content of 3.5 hours, which is quite short for Spotify standards, but will still get you through many a flight. While it’s cool and welcome, it’s anything but original: we’ve seen the idea before at YouTube Music, where you’ve been able to listen to an offline mixtape since 2019. In addition, there are Smart Downloads that store new music offline by default to keep your music library nice and fresh.

In addition, there also seem to be some teething problems. For example, in some cases Spotify makes a mix with songs that have not been downloaded at all. So you can still listen to silence. It’s still being tested and not officially rolled out immediately, but if you already have it, it’s worth checking to what extent music you come across is actually available offline via download.

Premium service

Spotify probably only offers this to paying subscribers within their Premium offerings. People who use Spotify for free do have the option to download podcasts, but music is not yet available. Is that going to change? We don’t expect it so 1-2-3, but who knows. Although the function must first step out of its infancy.

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