Stay hungry, stay smart

Not that we want to quote Steve Jobs wrong, but you really should do it this Sunday. Monkey Bar, in collaboration with lifestyle blog Little Black Book Delhi, is hosting a gastro-market for the first time on February 1 at its Basant Kunj outlet. The lawns outside the Great Glass Pyramid will be populated by food from different brands in Delhi – the NCR and elsewhere in the country.

Participating brands include Bangalore-based Sweetmoon Backsup, which has made its debut in Delhi, Oriental food outlets Happy Hakka, Cebo Terosaur Pizza, Greek Restaurant Mykonos, Honey Twigs Natural Honey, Hockey Pokie Icecream, Mock Ice Cream. From Mober Burgers to Mober Lacquer, Monkey Bar will churn out the favorites of its crowd. Those looking for more liquid resources can head to the DIY Cocktail Corner where they can shake (or shake) their own drink or eat laced macaron (read soaked) in shooters like the B-52 and sambuka.

The highlight of the event is the Gastro-Cotient Quiz, which features hours of competition, including eating ice cream tubs and burger face-offs.

A three-person team can each participate in a head scratcher featuring pop culture, common sense, and of course, all food questions. With the final round conducted by chef-owner Manu Chandra, the winners can walk away with obstacles with Monkey Bar and other food brand goodies. So again, stay hungry, stay smart (good advice can’t be repeated too often).

The gastro-market will be held on Sunday, at 10 a.m.; Admission is free. Register for the quiz at

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