Stranger Things Fashion: A hangout of 80s style

Some of the films and shows released on the OTT platform have come to follow a strong status and religion. They give listeners the opportunity to revisit and evaluate fashion statements that significantly define an era. These shows also influence the ever-changing fashion trends.

Such is the effect of the fashion tone set in Hawkins’ chaotic ‘upside-down’ world on Stranger Things aired on Netflix. Adapted from the 1980s, the styles compiled in the show focus on high school teenage clothing as well as other characters such as their parents, schoolteachers and scientists who have to contend with mythical creatures like DemoGorgan and Demo-Bat. Dimensions

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As the story of Stranger Things progresses, going through four seasons, so does its character and their dressing sense. And the credit for introducing this evolution goes to Mastermind – apparel designer Amy Paris.

From bold hairdos to loud makeup, bright pastels and other endless retro essentials – think mullet, perm, suspenders, vintage long skirts, polka dots, leather jackets, high-cut swimsuits, huge buckled belts – Stranger Things.

Kara Buono plays Karen Wheeler in Stranger Things. (Amy Paris / Instagram) Characters Eddie Munson and Steve Harrington have won the hearts of viewers with their mullet hairstyles. (Netflix India / Instagram) Classic ‘Country Club’ look. (Stranger Things / Instagram)

Paris, the brains behind the obsolete episodes of Seasons 3 and 4, spoke to Netflix Tudum and thoroughly explained the thoughts behind each character’s costume.

As the show’s plot unfolds in another realm – where a group of friends unexpectedly need the perfect outfit to fight the beasts who are in the killing – he said, “They have to fight. They have to go to war. So I’m in their closet, under the floor. I think about it logically. “

“The audience loves to see clothes and I want to give them something to look at.”

He further appreciated the contribution of the show’s executive producer Duffer Brothers. Tudum writes, “Matt and Ross Duffer always collaborated on the costume process, adding input on what seemed right for a group of cool teenagers on a steady track towards self-discovery, not looking too glamorous – these are the nerds, above all.”

Coming to the styling of the main characters, Eleven, for example, has come a long way from her white medical dress and the buzz-cut look to the lively costumes and fringe. Paris explains the idea behind her dress, “Her style is weird. There are times where I’ve been, it’s very weird, but I think that’s the right feeling because she doesn’t know where she’s going.”

The stylist admits that she loves Eddie and how real the character feels. As well as being a fan of Eddie Metallica, he wanted everything in clothing to be authentic. He told Tudum, “DO was a popular band in the 80’s and we came to the estate. [of the late Ronnie James Dio to source a band shirt]. His wife is in charge of his estate and offered to send us a vintage T-shirt, which was a dream. “

All in all, the aesthetics of the series are a message of the 1980s. And the most favorite part of Paris’s work is allocating their sartorial glitter to the main characters – as Tudum mentions – she has been instrumental in depicting the transitional journey of characters emerging from their pre-adolescence stage, as well as entering adolescence. Much more advanced and strange taste in fashion.

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