Take a movie strike 5: 4 years after wage hike… Kovid, despite price hike, says V Anil Kumar, president of Telugu Film Industry Employees Federation

20,000 workers of the Telugu film industry went on an indefinite strike last week demanding a wage hike. After the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce agreed to form a coordinating committee, they returned to work.

1. How many members are there in Telugu Film Industry Employees Federation?

It is an umbrella organization of 24 unions of film workers such as light boy, makeup artist, dancer, driver.

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2. Why protest wages?

The chamber had earlier said that wages would be revised by 10% per annum. However, these remained the same despite the loss of many jobs during the epidemic and rising prices.

3. What do you earn?

Workers pay Rs 500 for an eight-hour shift at Rs 1,000, depending on specialty. However, they often work 12-14 hours.

4. What is your claim?

In addition to at least a 36% wage increase, we want medical benefits, pensions. Poor workers are looking for houses like the socially and economically backward Telanganas.

5. What is the reaction of the film chamber?

The chamber has been delayed for six months. They call us for discussion and come up with excuses.

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